Anon's dad would be proud


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tonight i am sleeping in Jeans
>my father died in november 2021
>he was very old
>in the back of the house we had a old wooden Wardrobe that he put in his old suits, shirts, pants, shoes and nice clothing
>he was always humble and a little bit frugal when spending money and he never wore his nice clothes so he put them away and he also wanted to save them
>Iast week mother said we should check the old wardrobe
>today i check and find many brand new, clean, old fashion suits and quality expensive Clothes
>but more than everythign I loved two pairs of new jeans
>all my life I was overweight
>and only now one year after father died I start serious working on myself and lose weight enough
>for the first time after probably 15 years i can wear jeans again
>all Father's clothes fit me perfectly
he watches me from Heaven.
he wanted me to have all this.
i love him and I miss him so much.
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