Anon goes jogging


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> Live with morn for a year.
> She lives in a trashy neighborhood where every single house has a dog that is left outside both day and night.
> Every single dog on every house barks at me when I pass by jogging in the afternoons.
> I complain to a neighbor about it, he says that if I don't like it then I should start running somewhere else.
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> Shift my morning routine to 5 in the morning,
> Choose a long route that covers as many houses with dogs as possible.
> Run through the neighborhood with every single dog barking homely at me at 5 in the morning.
> By the time I get home at 05:55 I can still hear every dog in the neighborhood barking and howling at eachother.
> Same neighbor complains about it.
> I tell him If you don't like it, you should start waking up at 5 in the morning".
> Do this every day.
Get tucked, you negligent normies.
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