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    Korn - Rotting In Vain

    from the fathers of nu is-it-metal-or-is-it-not comes a new single, heavier than the entire previous album imho:
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    Court rules that 9/11 families can now sue Saudi Arabia

    I don't believe Saudi Arabia would actually grant them anything.
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    [App] GTA San Andreas

    I tried to run GTA III on my rather destroyed S1 and it lagged like hell. I'm afraid that if I try San Andreas, the poor thing will explode in my face.
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    Which movies have the best soundtracks?

    Not exactly the best soundtrack ever, but I say Borat. The "Romanian gypsy disco" (I think there was even a video from VICE about gypsy discos? oi, oi) tone makes me feel so... giddy.
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    60 000 posts

    60666 atm, such an.. evil number.
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    Some Google lifehacks

    So cool! I only knew about the quotes.
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    Untouched Microsoft game website from 15 years ago

    I saw this thread when it was posted and I went looking for the link again. The page is dead. So much for having relics of the 90s Web.
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    Half Life 2 looks amazing with mods.

    Honestly, I agree with Impulse. IMHO, all that bloom does nothing but enhance the feeling of... knowing that you're playing a bloody game. It would be annoying if you'd have that in real life.
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    The Witcher 3: Chav edition

    u wot m8/10
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    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mobile Coming this December

    Will my old, adopted, abused Galaxy S1 be able to handle this? I don't think it will, but I hope so, for the sake of not going insane in all the time I spend on the bus everyday.
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    General Gaming Discussion Thread

    I try my hardest not to take more than one look at the list of sales. That "one look" becomes a dozen hundred thousand and the strongest need for a game I probably wouldn't actually play. The magic of Gaben is compelling and repelling at the same time. It's like the force of a large household...
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    Happy birthday Madalin/TheBetaFox !

    Greetings, you awesome people. Sorry for being so late, been busy with all sorts of stuff for school. Late happy birthday to me! I still haven't celebrated it in anyway, so perhaps we can do something online? Haha. Thank you all for everything. You're awesome people. I said that before, but I...
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    World's first Bitcoin ATM goes live in Vancouver next week

    Great idea, but wouldn't there be a hefty tax on conversion?
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