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    I return with an about me topic!

    So like yea, hi TMS! It's been a while, years infact. Been browsing old stuff and through various forums I'm part of. Then I got here and realised I never did post my introducory post I mentioned about in another thread back in 2013... so here I am 4 years later throwing it up here! Name -...
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    Post Your Desktop!

    New laptop; new desktop. No rain meter, no icons. Just a background. (Do mind the little skype pop up, was skyping with the girlfriend =D)
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    In the mean time everyone can just use and hop onto the survival server ;)
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    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Discussion Thread

    I think right now I just have the Falksar mod installed, but I'm not even near ready to start that yet lol
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    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Discussion Thread

    Welp, I've had Skyrim for some time now and I only started playing it in the past 2 weeks. Needless to say I run the game fine on low settings, and I thought to myself "What does this look like on a console again?" So I went to my friends house and played it on his PS3 for a while. I then...
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    Phobos PVP Minecraft Server

    I think you're looking for RockStar248 there lol! But yea, a lot of us are still active even if we aren't on Minecraft but we still talk on skype :)
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    General Gaming Discussion Thread

    I was looking forward to playing this game, but when I got it loaded I noticed something I had seen before... from Titanfall but it wasn't as bad. Basically, I just have my character models stretching and stuff, but I fucking loved every second of playing it though! :D
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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive getting official international tournament?

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    Phobos PVP Minecraft Server

    - FACTIONS PVP with AIR-DROPS - Military Factions Server with /rankup Rank up just like a Prison server. '/warp ranks' to see the ranks! Grenades, flashbangs, and creeper eggs. Raid, kill, grief, steal. - MASSIVE MUTLI-WORLD COMMUNITY SURVIVAL - Massive 3 world community. Lockette...
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    [GTA Online] The High Life Update - 1.13 is out!

    I get on GTA Online from time to time, if you wonna join me, add me on PSN; Rock_Star123 P.S. I may or may not know an infinite money glitch if it's not been patched ;)
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    With everyone being at school and stuff, there is times when no one is online. But yea, we're still online. We're producing a new server to go along with our other 3 servers :) I'll get a thread going about it soon.
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    Watch_Dogs 1080p/60fps confirmed

    If only we could give some kind of love to a post. +1
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    TheMaveSite Wallpapers - General - 1920x1080

    Re: TheMaveSite Wallpapers - General #2 That's a lot of work. Keep it up! (As you can see, I'm back on the forums! :D)
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    TheMaveSite Wallpapers - General - 1920x1080

    Re: TheMaveSite Wallpapers - General #2 Where do you get all these cool wallpapers from?
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    If you guys want fun again, if any of you still play or have interest in playing, then I can make a thread with some details of a server that opened after the TMS one closed. Or you can message me on skype, deadlydude123, and I can tell you about it all. Oh and there are a few people from the...
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