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    Incredible Rally Save

    He was only able to do that BC he was in a MITSU Ohh how i love mitsu"S
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    I would never shoot an animal for its fur or for fashion

    You know Mot interviews are done on sets and are decorated by the Set designers, She might not have even knowen the bear was there. 2nd She said I would never shoot a animal for fur or fashion, She never said she would not buy it if someone else did
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    Staying classy

    both were adorable MEOW
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    Pancake art

    Lol The blues brothers were good movies! I absolutlety adore pancakes i make them atleast 3 times a week for breakfest! So I can honestly say i love evreything this picture has to offer
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    Anthony Pettis Superkick

    It was ok
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    Police use inflatable bouncy castle to avert suicide tragedy

    FUCK! Im gonna go fake a suicide attempt just so i can play in a bounce house!
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    Ukraine to Open Chernobyl… to Tourism?

    I think he got the number 20 from hitlers birthday! But i really doubt that had anything to do with it
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    World of Warcraft: Cataclysm – The World Reborn Gameplay

    The graphics have actually been updated quite a lot, Since the release. I think there fear of making the game to much of a resource hog Keeps them from making the graphics cutting edge bc they would loose players that could not afford the machine to run it!~
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    Black Ops First Strike DLC Announced

    All i want to know is How long till the PC get the DLC
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    Florida School Board Meeting Shooting

    Re: Florida School Board Meeting Shooting - Full WMBB Video - December 14, 2010 This happend In my town! Oh my i love florida! From the note he left and what his wife said is that he was trying to miss, He was actually a really good marksmen from all indications. Yes she hit him with a purse...
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    Walk on the wild side

    ^ Ill be yours i guess muri
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    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – Vietnam Launch Trailer

    Any new Single player missons?
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    World of Warcraft: Cataclysm – The World Reborn Gameplay

    WEll buy them as you hit the lvl caps for each exspansion, get TBC first and work your way to its lvl cap the get Wothlk and get to its lvl cap then you will be ready for cataclysim Both with exspansions and with charecters~
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    A Drop of Water at 10,000FPS

    Rofl! What a cute alot gpow~ can i pet it?
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    Ukraine to Open Chernobyl… to Tourism?

    So what you would actually become radioactive!~ So you would be able to Get pepole sick if you hit x radiation lvl!
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