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    evolve app

    I don't normally talk out side of the minecraft section but something while great for minecraft is still belong in tech forums. so here it goes. New and easy all iin one. Replace himache and fraps for free :) It does many things but for minecraft bestone is sharing...
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    Minecraft 2.0 announced

    This is just an april fools joke
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    Iran Deploys Sniper Teams To Battle "Mutant" Rats

    If you think this bad google world largist wasp I beilive it in japan or cina it kills thousands of people a year extreamly agressive and bigger than a softball also has a harder shell and almost impossible to kill.
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    Man in US faces jailtime+fine for laughing too loud in his own home

    Jail time to thethreeofhearts!
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    Basic day in Russia

    All I see is a nice ass in snow. Lol
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    Security camera street art

    Me too... was like why it unpluged and where the art? Then it hit me.. goodjob.
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    How giraffes drink water

    U would think they would have the ability to control their necks so they could just bend at the neck..
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    with no pvp we should bring back the website map :)

    I like the website the showed real time locations and land formations. We took it down because people could use it to raid. But raiding is no longer allowed so I would like to see it again :)
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    Soldier Kicked Out Of Special Forces Because He Can’t Grow A Beard

    There are 3 people in that pick with out beards lol. Maybe no one didn't like the guy lol
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    Vatican Purchases Europe’s Largest Gay Sauna

    Even his hate has a guy with a lil boy on the guys lap lol
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    Let's talk Cosplay.

    I went all out one year for halloween and did samuri X with the reverse blade and all. Was fun. I like going to cons but I only put in the effort once.
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    Mother tries to sell her children on Facebook

    Some people are so stupid. What is sad though there are some smart people and they don't get caught... poor kids.
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    Simple way to not get mugged

    omg i laughing so hard nice find mave lol
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