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    Actually... There were about 50 people, not 30... The worst part is that this 'event' was recorded... And I didn't had my make-up on :cry4: Now Goodbye.
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    Hey guys, today I found out I'm infected with some serious shit... Although I've been into the crips for quite a while, I didn't understand the term 'gang rape' very well... So I agreed to do one. Unfortunately I was the victim.. :sad3: I still can't sit properly... I hope the pain in my ass...
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    Get your error on!

    http://www. go on get ya error melody on! (Why isnt it embedding?)
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    Mysterious sign

    ‪‫‬҉wtf it doesnt oh...shit ooooooooooommmmmmmffffffffffffggggggg http://www.
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    I dare you to watch this for more then 3 minutes :p

    This girl has a rocking pair of tits... /b/ FTW... and also 5:46
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    Best prank ive ever seen pulled off

    Yall gotta ruin my fun :(
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    Best prank ive ever seen pulled off

    Wrong try again
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    Best prank ive ever seen pulled off

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    Postal 2 FTW

    I had this game, got boring real fast... utterly stupid...
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    Superbowl Porn Accident 2009

    It would be on your record of if your a subscriber.
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    Superbowl Porn Accident 2009

    very very old news :P But they said the problem was a transmission error and the feeds for "Club Jenna" Jenna jamesons porno station was accidentally sent to Comcast servers and started broadcasting. Comcast is offering $10 to every subscriber who witnessed it.
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    You're a pirate!

    http://www. ;D :arrr: EDIT: FYI "Stephanie"the girl with the pink hair is 18 in 2 months hehehe
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    Ghost Ride It!!

    G... im not sending you anymore videos... NIGGA YOU BE STEALIN MAH COOKIES! :afro:
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