Score system


TMS Founder
As of now there's no use net for money yet.
For score system I was thinking:

Gaining score
  • +3 for every hour online
  • +3 for every challenge won
  • +5 for every hard challenge won
  • +3 for every race won
  • +1 for every reaction test won
  • +1 for every maths test won
  • +2 for every kill in a deathmatch
Losing score
  • -1 for every death in a deathmatch
  • -1 for being jailed
One time bonuses
  • +25 for 24 hours online
  • +25 for completing all challenges
  • +25 for winning every race
  • +25 for 100 kills in deathmatches

Time and skill should be balanced vs score received.

In order to prevent players from racking up score for being passive, /afk should stop you from gaining score every hour and players should be placed in /afk after 15 minutes of inactivity.
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