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    Hitler Hand

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    Hitler Hand

    thats all you needed to say
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    Asian way of proposing a girl

    dang asians
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    Our computers are down

    hahaha i get it there playing that Windows Card Game on there desk haa
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    Hitler Hand

    yea but why is there a watermark
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    Hitler Hand

    no, it was posted on funnyjunk first.
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    Firefox has encountered...

    :facepalm: is there any common sense in some of us on this forum?
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    Mouse gone herp

    fix it with duct tape maybe?
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    Firefox has encountered...

    that's unprofessional conduct guys they would never do that
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    I hate assholes that park like this

    you'd get a nice big ticket if you park like that kids
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    Facebook Albums

    what a coincidence
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    Anyone can sing with Autotune

    ahhahah yes hahahah
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    [NSFW]Russian press conference invaded by flying dildo

    No, I clicked "Show new replies to my post" and all of them had you as the last replier. :afro:
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    Hitler Hand

    lol i saw that on why is there a watermark on it with your site? haha
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    Close Calls Compilation

    I just got a knife and an ice scream scooper and took my eye out of my socket. There is no oven or any cookies. brb
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