Why I would love for GTA VI to take place in the 80s


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Below I'll list some reasons why I hope (and think) that GTA VI will take place in the 1980s.
  • The music: do I need to remind anyone of the fantastic Vice City soundtrack?
  • The cars: back then every kid had a poster of a supercar in his room because the cars were just that awesome
  • The lack of internet and proper cellphones: imagine having to go to a car dealership in order to buy cars, to a bank to bank your money, to a real estate agency to buy properties,...
  • A somewhat more realistic world: no more flying motorcycles or cars
  • The last not-modern GTA is Vice City (well and Vice City Stories, but that was a PSP game, and only got a release for the PS2 later), and Vice City turns 20 in 2022
  • The general atmosphere of the 80s


Yeah, groupsex seems to be the way to go
Honestly... while I wouldn't mind an 80's setting, I prefer the modern day setting. It's much more relatable, IMO.

But now that you got me thinking, a 70's setting could be cool as well. Beginning of hard rock, hippie culture, a Nixon-esque character as president,... Not to mention the rise of early Japanese hatchbacks, and tons of classic muscle cars.
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