F1 Information What the 2026 car is expected to look like after the new regulation changes


TMS Founder
  • ‘Nimble car’ concept at the heart of 2026 Technical Regulations targets improved raceability and closer racing
  • 2026 cars will be 30kg lighter than current generation F1 cars improving efficiency and handling
  • Redesigned power unit builds on world’s most efficient engines with almost 300% more battery power and even split between Internal Combustion and Electric power
  • Active aerodynamics to suit the energy management requirements of new power units
  • Increased overtaking opportunities through new Manual Override Mode granting more electrical power deployment for the following car (no more DRS)
  • 2026 cars to run on 100% sustainable fuel
  • Improved safety through stronger structures and even tougher tests
  • Narrower tyres (18-inch but width of front reduced by 25mm and rears by 30mm)
  • Narrower front wing (by 100mm and will feature a two-element active flap)
  • No more wheel arches
  • Reduced ground effect due to partially flat floor
  • Three element rear wing
  • Downforce has been reduced by 30%, drag by 55%.
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