Way too many mechanics make this game a failure

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Unlike GTA San Andreas where there were an overwhelming amount of things to do, Red Dead Redemption 2 PC has entirely way too many mechanics for the game to be enjoyable.

I have always had a very serious problem with game developers implementing mechanics and either never explaining them, or never even letting a player know a lot of things can even be done. (Such as removing a bounty) In fact they don't tell you how to know if you even have a bounty to begin with.

While these complaints may seem rudimentary, when there is an overwhelming amount of them it immensely detracts from the game play because the focal point is no longer about play the game and more about what else are you not being told that you become increasingly disgrunteled so even something as simple as how you got to a menu becomes a chore.

To elaborate on this more I'll use crafting as an example. This game never ever explains HOW to actually craft, you only find out crafting is an option when you go through some of your inventory but the problem extends beyond that, instead of just simply finding an herb your satchel which then explains to the player how to access the crafting screen, it instead just says the herb can be used in crafting and leaves the player with no further information. After seeing this happen frequently the frustration level of that type of idiotic programming leaves the player with the attitude of it doesn't belong in the game and it's just another mechanic someone who paid for a game can now not use that part of it.

I personally have written off crafting as a complete waste of time and doesn't belong in the game for the reasons I just explained.

Whether or not crafting is important or useful, isn't the point, it is a function in the game, that I cannot currently use.

Another main function is "Dead Eye" I have absolutely no clue how to even activate this feature that I just don't even care anymore. The problem here is that this is a mechanic that the game did explain, but because of all the other mechanics I am struggling to understand, I have long forgotten that information.

Now that I've been playing the game for so long without it, It's a useless feature. People confuse a feature which CAN be used, is not the same as a feature that you actually use in order to enhance playing. I shouldn't have to ask how to feed my horse. I also shouldn't have to ask what the hell my active horse is.

Now for the kicker, even though I don't use Eagle eye for tracking, I know how to use it because of treasure maps and can tell you exactly how to activate it, So I am under the impression that Eagle Eye and Dead Eye are the exact same mechanic.

In closing, after watching several videos of things to know in RDR2, I am finding out about all sorts of things that are never explained in the game at all, but what's worse is the videos showing these things, never actually explain how to even access those options to do them.

The amount of mechanics in this game and the utter lack of explanation and player know how, destroys the game for it's purpose. If you cannot use all the features due to sheer ignorance not letting the player know, and not fully explaining the current mechanics the player is made aware of to the point they would have the choice to use them, makes this an extremely bad flaw in the overall games design structure.

There is no point in having mechanics in a game that either the player doesn't know know about, or the player is are never fully explained how to use what has been mentioned so they would be able to remember it.
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I understand how you’re feeling.

GTA V / GTA Online is a game you can jump into whenever you want even for 5 minutes and fully enjoy the game.

RDR2 is a game that I only start playing when I know I have at least an hour of free time. And if I haven’t played it for weeks, I’d probably need even more time before I can enjoy and use the game to the max.
RDR2 is also definitely overwhelming. Especially if you -like me- are not used to RPG mechanics. On my first playthrough I didn’t even bother with crafting. However now on PC I’m taking my time to explore every single aspect of the game and am focusing on the “side-stuff”. It’s also not a shame to sometimes look something up (like crafting and most useful fence items,...)

Basically what I’m trying to say is: you’re right that there are a lot of mechanics and that they require some additional research and or practise. But that’s just part of the game and once you “master” these the game becomes even more enjoyable.
Could Rockstar have included more detailed tutorials about crafting and other mechanics? Sure, but you can say that about most triple A games nowadays.
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