Over $600 Million Later, Star Citizen Is Now at the Alpha 3.20 Stage


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Over $600 Million Later, Star Citizen Is Now at the Alpha 3.20 Stage


Star Citizen’s long-running development has inched forward yet again, this time to the Alpha 3.20 stage.

The latest update, dubbed “Fully Loaded”, overhauls the Arena Commander mode, adds new PvP modes, maps, and racetracks, and adds new missions and ships to the Persistent Universe portion of the space sim.

This is the largest update to Arena Commander since its introduction in 2014, developer Cloud Imperium Games said, and delivers “more focused, bite-sized gameplay with diverse content for racers, fighters, and competitors climbing the leaderboards”.

The update also adds the MISC Hull C ship, the “titan of the cargo hauling profession with room for a crew of up to four players”, and the Fury LX, a racing variant of the recently added Mirai Fury snub fighter. New features include automatic cargo loading and unloading at space stations to support the Hull C’s expansive cargo capacity.

The launch trailer bigs up Star Citizen’s exploration, saying players can travel “seamlessly across worlds”. As you’d expect, fans have taken that as CIG making a point of comparison between its game and Bethesda’s recently released Starfield, which does not feature seamless space travel.

Source and more: https://www.ign.com/articles/over-600-million-later-star-citizen-is-now-at-the-alpha-320-stage
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