O&O ShutUp10: free antispy/disable tool for Windows 10


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While reinstalling my laptop (always wipe the OS since every single manufacturer fills it with bloatware.), and installing clean Windows. I realized that even base Windows 10 itself isn't that clean. After getting a recommendation to this program on notebookreviewforums, I installed this tool and it's been excellent so far.

O&O ShutUp10

What does this program do?

Basically once you open up O&O ShutUp10 it will display a really long list of W10 features which can now be disabled.
Most of these options are almost impossible to change by yourself, unless you want to mess with the registry.

Some of these are rather crucial, like disabling peer2peer windows updates: (you provide downloads for other people)

And the best thing?

You don not have to install this program, it's click&run!

Screenshot from my PC

Might be a bit confusing, but green = disabled, red = untouched.
I recommend you leave the settings which O&O doesn't recommend (exclamation mark) untouched.

How safe is this software?

100% safe, the company behind the software is even an official Microsoft partner, how ironic is that?
Their motivation was mainly providing you with the option of disabling all W10 built-in spyware. Bonus is that it speeds up your system too.


Do not use Windows 10 without using this tool.


From the official website: https://www.oo-software.com/en/shutup10
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