[Leak] Assassin's Creed Tournament


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Assassin's Creed Tournament
- Play as a knight and be a tournament champion during the early part of the 100 years war
- Fight against the English and Germans in the order of the garter
- Features castle sieges, jousting, arena combat, etc.
- Nicholas Flamel acts like Leonardo da Vinci and hub for RPG mechanics. Leveling, upgrading equipment, and abilities all come from him
- Alchemy is strong new element and allows for special abilities like magic and potion crafting
- Main character is heavily tied to the original Templars and King Richard
- Modern Day you play as Basim and the isu are very present, with a portion of the game dedicated to a war between Isu and humans.
- Led by Ubi Sofia on anvil next 2, was meant to come this year, but is pushed back to 2022 because of the covid. Creative Director Mikhail lozanov lead writer Alex Harakis

Source: https://boards.4channel.org/v/thread/546177767

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