"Inside Rockstar North" a blog by ex Rockstar North technical director Obbe Vermeij


TMS Founder

This blog is really interesting reading material!

Some interesting bits:

Vice City was supposed to be an expansion of GTA III:
After the release, we started on Vice City. It was RockStar New York's idea to set the game in the 80s in Miami. Originally it was supposed to be a mission pack to gta3. Only once gta3 did as well as it did and Vice City started to look sufficiently different from gta3 was the decision made to make it a standalone game. This was quite far into the project. (maybe 6 months or so)

Why does the moon change size when you snipe it?
This went on a bit and I suggested to make the size of the moon changeable in the game. This way they could decide in their own time and let me know the conclusion. Since I was working on the sniper rifle, I made it so that the moon toggled through 3 sizes (small, medium, large) as the player sniped it.

The artists never got back to me so I just left it in. It was still there in SA.
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