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    The world divided into regions with a GDP of 1 trillion dollars.

    Click to enlarge. Some parts are... surprising, to say the least.
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    Anon starts a crow war

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    Finland doesn't arm their spaceships

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    Typical British reporting

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    Retro protest

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    Israeli horror film

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    Muhammad Ali and his winnings

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    What is your favourite source code editor/IDE?

    Mine is Sublime Text. Yours?
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    A shoutbox on the main page would be great. That is all. EDIT: or even better, embed the channel #tms on
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    Meeting of the Mickey Mouse club, early 1930s

    now, we can't go around out-picturing novokyiv, can we?
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    Legend of McDoctor

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    Microsoft's Kinect Is Now Guarding the Korean Border

    Microsoft's Kinect Is Now Guarding the Korean Border North Korea and South Korea are separated by the most heavily armed border on Earth. But rest easy, there's a new guard on the lookout: Kinect. Self-taught South Korean programmer Jae Kwan Ko developed a Kinect-based software system to...
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    Welcoming comittee

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    Tiled window managers for Windows

    I'm serious. Does anybody know of any?
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    Privet, comrades

    I am novokyiv. I don't speak Russian. Hello.
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    Kentucky passes bill to let programming satisfy foreign-language requirements

    FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — The Kentucky Senate passed a bill Tuesday that would count computer programming classes toward fulfilling foreign-language requirements in public schools. The goal is to enhance programming skills, enabling more Kentucky students to land high-paying jobs in the growing...
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