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  1. SovareZza stickers have arrived

    Thanks Mave! I'll post photos of where I stick them :3
  2. SovareZza

    I have a bumper sticker that says, "honk if you think I'm sexy"...

    Ultimate dick-move. Still made me smile though.
  3. SovareZza

    Wax Fang - Avant Guardian Angel Dust

    Found this band because of American Dad!
  4. SovareZza

    Sydney Siege Ends with Three Dead After Police Storm Café

    I guess. But more so potentially extremely dangerous.
  5. SovareZza

    Sydney Siege Ends with Three Dead After Police Storm Café

    I'm just hoping there's no backlash against the muslim community. Unfortunately, we Australians will want some form of retribution >.<
  6. SovareZza

    Sydney Siege Ends with Three Dead After Police Storm Café

    Three people including a gunman are dead and four have been injured after a terrifying 16-hour siege in Sydney ended in a barrage of bullets as police stormed a local café. The two hostages who died in the siege were identified Tuesday morning by police in Sydney as 34-year-old café manager...
  7. SovareZza

    Most popular sport by country

    I would have thought rugby League or soccer would have been our top sport.
  8. SovareZza

    What are you listening to right now?

    Mave's Tech House mix April 2014
  9. SovareZza

    The Life Pro Tips / Life Hacks Thread

    Sure do. Currently suffering from a bug that's going around and it's *kinda helped* You'd be surprised actually.
  10. SovareZza

    What is the most stupid and useless thing people spend large amount of $ on?

    There is chlorine and fluoride in the drinking water here in Australia, and that's just two of many chemicals. The government won't tell you that though. Clothes, e.g. handbags, shoes, anything really. They do the exact same thing as a 30$ pair. (Kardashian handbags, for example.)
  11. SovareZza

    Science Summary of The Week

    I remember reading about if Earth had rings (I think on tumblr), they hypothesised there would be devastating effects such as super storms. I'll try and find tha post but it might have been on here I read it.
  12. SovareZza

    The Life Pro Tips / Life Hacks Thread

    Feeling unwell? Two ways to help recover from or dampen the effects of a cold/illness: 1. As a cold is coming on, blend two cloves of garlic and three pears & drink them. 2. When sick, remember BRAT: Bananas, Rice, Apple Sauce, Tea (I also add M. Hint: it helps stunt cancer growth + alleviates...
  13. SovareZza

    Happy bday Sova!

    Latest thanks ever! Cheers though guys. Feels weird not being a teenager anymore O.O
  14. SovareZza

    Welcome to the world’s biggest indoor beach resort

    Bump. I live 5 minutes from the beach (fuck yeah) and I'd go there.
  15. SovareZza

    10-tonne giant mango attraction goes missing in north Queensland

    Bump. If I remember correctly, The mango ended up in Melbourne, Victoria, two states away. Don't quote me on it though. EDIT: I was wrong. The mango was found in bushes near where it was taken...
  16. SovareZza

    Facebook bought Whatsapp for 16 billion dollars

    They could literally, literally, buy Australia (thanks Abbott)
  17. SovareZza

    Plane take-off delayed after alert over student writing Arabic in notebook

    "He's writing in Araibic, he's a terrorist!" Is that seriously what it's come to?
  18. SovareZza

    Facebook bought Whatsapp for 16 billion dollars

    Seems so suspicious, but not, Facebook acquiring different messaging Companies (social network companies, if you like). I also thought FB wasn't doing too well funds wise.
  19. SovareZza

    The best Australian sayings ever

    You beauty. EDIT - just watched it, called the very first one. Now, to figure out who this guy is... <3
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