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  1. Stybar

    Essential / Interesting YouTube channels

    Your loss, as the videos are pretty well made :D But, I made the mistake of watching one late last night, and yeah, I was freaked out when I went to bed. Recommend watching this either in bright daylight, and only at night if you're severely masochistic.
  2. Stybar

    The Grand Tour [2016-...]

    Did you see that face and those wrinkles? My guy, they have gone beyond growing up.
  3. Stybar

    The GTA Remastered Trilogy | Discussion Thread (Post-announcement)

    Holy shit, that's aggregious. On one hand, as a dev, I understand the frustration when testers come back with yet another inane request, but on the other hand... a) the testers have some valid points, here and in general. b) don't put it in the fucking comments, my guy. Jeez.
  4. Stybar

    Essential / Interesting YouTube channels

    Yeah, I've seen his videos before :biggrin: Great fun, to see the reactions of people. Panki actually pointed this one out to me: It's a creepy ass channel, with creepy videos. All fictional, but still pretty damn unsettling. In...
  5. Stybar

    A Note from the Rockstar Games Team RE: Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition

    I read that as "We hired a incompetent studio for this, who just ran an automated optimization tool on the files, and then jerked off for 2 years, and now we're in deep shit with our shareholders, so we gotta pretend like we actually care."
  6. Stybar

    Technology: General Discussion

    Weren't they legally obligated to do so by a court in... I wanna say the US, but who are we kidding. It's likely somewhere in the EU.
  7. Stybar

    2021 Formula One World Championship

    haha get it they turn left because qatar has no rights
  8. Stybar

    Car photography

    Ayyy, my first map :D Found at /gymkhana!
  9. Stybar

    Discussion Forza Horizon 5: General Discussion

    Ah, did you try this with the Lambo? Try getting the Hoonigan RS200, and find the rally beast tune for it (something like that... not sure about the actual name). That thing is amazing for anything offroad.
  10. Stybar Beavers

    Actually... It's more like "no way a predator will be able to get me here" The damming of the river is just an unhappy side effect of beavers building their homes in rivers.
  11. Stybar

    Discussion Forza Horizon 5: General Discussion

    That was actually one of the first I've managed to get. IIRC, I took it from an angle more to the right. Have you managed to get the signs in the power mast and hotel balcony yet? Those are the two most difficult to get.
  12. Stybar Shark with scoliosis

    "ooh, someone dropped a quarter in my tank!"
  13. Stybar

    Car photography

    + Oof, is that my new official title? :D Anyway, here are some pics of the NSX: And more of the BMW M4:
  14. Stybar My girlfriend broke up with me for being too 'un-American'

    Well, no use in crying over spilt tea.
  15. Stybar

    Movies: General Discussion

    Spinoffs, man. They rarely work.
  16. Stybar

    2021 Formula One World Championship

    And what a drive from Hamilton! I know the regular comment is that it's all due to his car, and I suppose that's partially true, but you have to admit that going from a DQ to 1st place takes more than a good car. The Dutch guy in me is booing because Verstappen lost, but the F1 fan in me is...
  17. Stybar

    Discussion Forza Horizon 5: General Discussion

    ayyyyy welcome to the club. For the signs, it's pretty easy. Once you get the fast travel signs, getting the others is trivial. Make sure you have a decent X class car, that can make the jumps with easy. I used the Mosler, it worked like a charm. I also got 3 stars on all drift zones, today...
  18. Stybar

    Discussion Forza Horizon 5: General Discussion

    Aw man, I want that one as well :D Such a great opportunity to troll people.
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