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  1. Nimphiouus


    The Nimphious has come back.. To Monday night TMS.
  2. Nimphiouus

    Brazillian Woman sells virginity for $780k in online auction

    A Brazilian woman has sold her virginity for $780,000 in an online auction organised by a Melbourne filmmaker. Catarina Migliorini, a 20-year-old physical exercise student, had volunteered to sell her virginity as part of a documentary by Justin Sisely. Last night the auction was reportedly...
  3. Nimphiouus

    Tribe threatens to commit mass suicide

    An indigenous Brazilian tribe has threatened to commit mass suicide if they are evicted from their land. The community of 50 men, 50 women and 70 children from the Gurani-Kaiowa tribe which live in Brazil's southern state of Mato Grosso do Sul, claim their ancestors have been buried there for...
  4. Nimphiouus

    Request for access.

    I speak semi-fluent Dutch - I deserve to have access to this board, thanks.
  5. Nimphiouus

    Hey attractive dutch man Stybar

    Gimme ur msn/skype plz kthnx.
  6. Nimphiouus

    Hey gurl @ supermarket that I want to bang

    To the blonde female who works at the local supermarket and works on saturdays (9 - 4) & tuesday nights - I want to fuck you, thanks in advance. PS: You have a nice rack and sexy arse.
  7. Nimphiouus

    Att: TMS Community

    I believe TMS should be renamed to TFS - TheFriesSite
  8. Nimphiouus

    Att: Nitronic

    Go kill yourself wanker. tia.
  9. Nimphiouus

    Major announcement regarding the user 'Fries'

    It is my sad privelidge to announce today that the user "Fries" has passed away, I spoke to his sister moments ago on skype and she had said he was in a vehicle accident with a truck. R.I.P Fries.
  10. Nimphiouus

    Att: Steffy

    Hey, how u doin :megusta:
  11. Nimphiouus

    SnipMP3 Lets you download the audio from videos on youtube.
  12. Nimphiouus

    [Serious] Feminism -

    > Don't agree with a woman's point of view. > Must be sexist. It seems to be that any and all men are misogynists these days, have anything to say that is the contrary to what a woman has to say, you must be a sexist, say that housewives iron, you're a sexist, because you know, housewives serve...
  13. Nimphiouus

    Arrive derci

    Off to singapore, TMS can suck each others collective dicks, good day to you all. De-activate my account Mave, Thank you.
  14. Nimphiouus

    Panda Ross - Xfactor Audtion

    Damn this is good singing.
  15. Nimphiouus

    Hitler Style

    (Thanks to Silviu)
  16. Nimphiouus

    Oh My Dayum - Best Song Ever

  17. Nimphiouus

    SF-SE Shutting down

    Yes. god yes. that estonian fag has been dealt with.
  18. Nimphiouus

    Fear of snakes.

    Yo guise. Well a few weeks ago I was walking up the drive way and had one of these clenched on my leg. Now since the seasons are changing and it is beginning to get warmer here, the snakes are becoming more active and I am seeing them basically every day. I cannot avoid them. I have an...
  19. Nimphiouus

    Att: Maffia

    ಠ_ಠ Go on..
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