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    I return with an about me topic!

    So like yea, hi TMS! It's been a while, years infact. Been browsing old stuff and through various forums I'm part of. Then I got here and realised I never did post my introducory post I mentioned about in another thread back in 2013... so here I am 4 years later throwing it up here! Name -...
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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive getting official international tournament?

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    Phobos PVP Minecraft Server

    - FACTIONS PVP with AIR-DROPS - Military Factions Server with /rankup Rank up just like a Prison server. '/warp ranks' to see the ranks! Grenades, flashbangs, and creeper eggs. Raid, kill, grief, steal. - MASSIVE MUTLI-WORLD COMMUNITY SURVIVAL - Massive 3 world community. Lockette...
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    Humble Origin Bundle

    So the Humble Origin Bundle has come out, this isnt like any other Humble Bundle, this one has Origin games as they partnered with Origin on this one! All games come with a Origin code, and some come with a Steam code, and yes you can use both codes! There's the 8 games you can get, usually...
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    Decent Java tutorials?

    Got any decent Java tutorials that you know work!? Post them here for me and everyone else to use! :D
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    The Last of Us poster

    I am here to present you with a poster for The Last of Us that I got today from my PlayStation magazine (I also got 30 days free PlayStation +) First side: Other side: (And at the time I took the pictures was the first time I saw it aswell ^_^)
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    On Steam, RockStar games 75% off normal price! (Including GTA)

    At the moment, the Rockstar games on Steam are at 75% off their normal price, with 40 hours left when I post this. So, with this I got my mother to get me these for £8.74 Life = complete!
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    Go me!

    So recently I sent off my application for college, and got a letter a few days later saying I have an interview on 29th of April. I chose to do IT there, so I can do a lot more than I know now, and even program some stuffs and learn better graphics stuff. I also achieved a B grade in my IT...
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    My GTA V poster I got for free =)

    So I went to get myself a bank account, and decided to go into HMV, and they was giving out free GTA V posters! They are double sided, and have some nice images on =D Side 1(My fav ::3:) Side 2
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    Razer Game Booster!

    So the other day, I wanted to boost up my gaming performance, but I thought how? And remembered that I had got a program a while back to help me, but it was long gone, so I decided to check out Google! So I searched in Google 'performance boosting programs' and this is what came up, the Razer...
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    Sony patents design for games that cant be resold!

    So recently browsing the YouTube page and I see a video from IGN, and they discuss the new patented designs that Sony has released for a disc design that binds your own username to that disc so it cannot be resold, which I feel to some extent is ok because when a game is resold, the producers...
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    Having a Garrys mod or TF2 server? :o

    So, quite recently I have started to get back into playing steam games, like Garrys mod and TF2 (Team fortress 2) And I was wondering if a TMS Gmod or TF2 server would be as popular as the minecraft server, with TF2 being a free game almost everybody can play it, given that they have a good...
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