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  1. TL Gamer

    The best vice principal ever

    Can you imagine a vice principle such as this actually existing...That would be the best.
  2. TL Gamer

    GTA V Removed Radio station (Nightride FM)

    Here is the download link (Google Drive): In case you don't trust the download, I have posted the entire song listing below so you can find all the songs on your own. Folder Placement: 1. Open the Nightride FM folder and place all the mp3 files into the following directory: C:\Users\(YOUR...
  3. TL Gamer

    Russia's way of doing things.

  4. TL Gamer

    This is where we're headed

    If shit like the corona-virus keeps up, this is our future:
  5. TL Gamer

    The real problem with the Spread of coronavirus

    What is being allowed to currently continue to happen, is the exact reason the coronavirus has spread as far as it has. Please spread this video around.
  6. TL Gamer

    Coronavirus Toilet Paper resolution

  7. TL Gamer

    My gripe with the music industry!

    The topic Brilliant cover songs, lead me to create this topic as my problem stems from covers. The music industry constantly does shit like this in order to promote/sell music. Being an artist myself (Magician) the specifics involved piss me off to no end...
  8. TL Gamer

    [Audult Humor] Blonde At Doctors Office

    A blonde goes to a doctors office complaining of abdominal pain. The Dr. asks "Are you sexually active?" The blonde replies "No" The Dr. decides to administer a pregnancy test which resulted in being positive. Once again the Dr. asks the blonde "Are you sure you're not sexually active?" To...
  9. TL Gamer

    [Adult Joke] The Job Interview

    I was was headed to a job interview located on the 20th floor of a building. A beautiful looking female secretary wearing a red dress got on from the 10th floor. As we were headed up, I asked the woman "Excuse me miss, but can I smell your panties"? She replied in total disgust, "Why certainly...
  10. TL Gamer

    Anyone able to translate this properly?

    I could use some help. This is a song performed by "Madreblu" called "Certamente" and somehow tied to the "Sopranos" I heard it on the radio and fell in love with it Problem is I cannot understand what the hell is being said and would like to know if anyone can translate this properly, and not...
  11. TL Gamer

    There is a difference between an online translator and real translation!

    I happen to come across an English translated version of "The Real Folk Blues" performed by "Sapphire" Which is the end song for the anime "Cowboy Bebop". Sapphire also does number of other anime translations in English. Even though it's just the first half of the song, the point is that if you...
  12. TL Gamer

    Rowen Atkinson (Aka Mr. Bean) is so talented

    I can only imagine the choreographing this took
  13. TL Gamer

    Phil Collins & Chester Thompson Drum duet.

    In case people don't know, Phil Collins used to be the drummer for Genesis. Phil took over the lead singing position after Peter Gabriel left to go solo. The song Solsbury Hill is about his leaving the band. "Selling England by the pound" was the last album Peter Gabriel did where he was the...
  14. TL Gamer

    Tech House Halloween III movie theme disco edit

    This is only good up until 3:00
  15. TL Gamer

    Not sure how Jacoby Shaddix paired with these guys

    Who knew Mongolian rock would sound this nice. Even though you cannot understand a word the mongolians are saying unless you turn on subtitles, Jacoby Shaddix voice still compliments this group really well.
  16. TL Gamer

    Who remembers Donnie Iris?

    One of the few true artists who actually loved what he did. Poor bastard.
  17. TL Gamer

    This song was brilliant for it's time

    This is the original video and What's especially funny can be found at 2:58-3:16
  18. TL Gamer

    The current state of youtube (Video coming soon)

    I will be posting a video about the current state of youtube and why no one should be using it any further..or at least until Google has been put in check by a federal judge.
  19. TL Gamer

    Four movie shorts done right!

    Wanted to share all of these with people that might not know they exist. Even though they will never be real movies and I've known about these for years, but they're still so good. SIDENOTE: I've also seen the making of all these as well. GRAYSON: WORLD'S FINEST (Matt Frewer is barely...
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