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  1. Stybar

    Telomic - Night Sun (ft. Sydney

    Another track from the EP, one of which I posted earlier. Excellent "drop" in this one.
  2. Stybar

    Telomic - Window Light (ft. Anastasia)

    I don't know why, but this is making me nostalgic to older, early 2000, DnB songs. Very soothing.
  3. Stybar

    Trump, Melania test positive for coronavirus

    WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump has tested positive for the coronavirus, a stunning development that came hours after he confirmed one of his longest-serving aides with whom he had recently traveled also received a positive test result. The revelation had implications for the president's...
  4. Stybar

    Dossa & Locuzzed - Crush

    Popped up on the Liquicity channel. Awesome beat.
  5. Stybar

    Nardwuar vs. Eric Andre

    When an unstoppable interviewer meets an uninterviewable object.
  6. Stybar

    Pendulum - Driver

    The dnb gods have returned.
  7. Stybar

    GTA Heist Info

    Found this site on reddit. It's basically all the info about the Diamond Casino Heist you'll ever need. And bonus: it has a tool where you can practice the hacking minigame.
  8. Stybar

    Honest Government Ad

    Goddamn, these videos are always so fucking hilarious.
  9. Stybar

    Ice Cream Man

    Idubbbz blesses us once again with a 50-minute long documentary about a strange and weird Youtuber. This time, it's about Daxflame, one of the OG popular channels, until it faded into obscurity. My opinion (even though it doesn't matter here) is just that the dude is, simply put, "autistic...
  10. Stybar

    Battle Born - Battle Born

    Discovered this today. And yes, the "Battleborn" is a reference to the family in Skyrim. In fact, if you look on their Bandcamp page, you'll see their description as Goddammit I love cheesy powermetal so fucking much.
  11. Stybar

    ALESTORM - Fannybaws

    And yes, that is Peter Dinklage.
  12. Stybar

    House [2015] Valentino Khan - Deep Down Low

    Have you ever wondered what doing drugs was like? Yeah, not anymore.
  13. Stybar

    ALESTORM - Treasure Chest Party Quest

    First part of the video is fucking cursed, man. The song is just typical Alestorm nonsense. God it's stupid, but I love it.
  14. Stybar

    Rameses B - Raindrops (Ft. Rhode)

    Meanwhile, Rameses B dropped a new LP. And good God it's great.
  15. Stybar

    Night Club - "Show It 2 Me"

    Yeah, I'm posting this here for the vid. It's 360, so don't forget to pan!
  16. Stybar

    Guns Akimbo

    The source for the weird Daniel Radcliffe pic that circled the internet a few years ago is finally known (well, officially, anyway). And I gotta admit, it looks pretty interesting.
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  18. Stybar

    Ken Block’s Climbkhana TWO

    Honestly, that road looks incredible to just drive on regularly.
  19. Stybar

    Right Now

    So, there's a metal band called Nekogoblikon. Their music is... an acquired taste. Very hardcore. However, their music videos are hilarious. Now, their mascot is, very fittingly, a goblin called John Goblikon. He's also the main character in most of their music videos. One of the things he...
  20. Stybar

    Cats In Therapy

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