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  1. TL Gamer

    The best vice principal ever

    It wasn't abouot the movie. It was about too bad a principal who acted like this didn't exist. Hey off that skateboard...See what happens!
  2. TL Gamer

    The best vice principal ever

    Can you imagine a vice principle such as this actually existing...That would be the best.
  3. TL Gamer

    GTA V Removed Radio station (Nightride FM)

    Here is the download link (Google Drive): In case you don't trust the download, I have posted the entire song listing below so you can find all the songs on your own. Folder Placement: 1. Open the Nightride FM folder and place all the mp3 files into the following directory: C:\Users\(YOUR...
  4. TL Gamer

    Russia's way of doing things.

  5. TL Gamer

    This is where we're headed

    Yeah from all the mutations and shit. We'll wind up needing things like this guy to go deal with them:
  6. TL Gamer

    This is where we're headed

    If shit like the corona-virus keeps up, this is our future:
  7. TL Gamer

    The real problem with the Spread of coronavirus

    What is being allowed to currently continue to happen, is the exact reason the coronavirus has spread as far as it has. Please spread this video around.
  8. TL Gamer

    Coronavirus Toilet Paper resolution

  9. TL Gamer

    Xbox Series X - World Premier - 4K trailer

    That would be too repetitive!
  10. TL Gamer

    The current state of youtube (Video coming soon)

    Except is still censored by the user base up and down voting. The fact that your videos might not be able to be found or searched for under that type of control is just as bad as youtube dmca take down notice. It winds up being the same thing in the end. bitchute has no censor control at...
  11. TL Gamer

    My gripe with the music industry!

    The topic Brilliant cover songs, lead me to create this topic as my problem stems from covers. The music industry constantly does shit like this in order to promote/sell music. Being an artist myself (Magician) the specifics involved piss me off to no end...
  12. TL Gamer My friend gets really upset when I call him a flat-Earther

    Yep, that type of reply doesn't fall flat.
  13. TL Gamer Three conspiracy theorists walk in to a bar.

    That's the exact thing a conspiracy theorist would expect you to say!
  14. TL Gamer Dad, are we pyromaniacs?

    Instead of adding fuel to the fire, just smoke em' out!
  15. TL Gamer

    [Audult Humor] Blonde At Doctors Office

    A blonde goes to a doctors office complaining of abdominal pain. The Dr. asks "Are you sexually active?" The blonde replies "No" The Dr. decides to administer a pregnancy test which resulted in being positive. Once again the Dr. asks the blonde "Are you sure you're not sexually active?" To...
  16. TL Gamer I can't believe I was arrested for impersonating a politician!

    I'm sorry, did you say something?
  17. TL Gamer

    The current state of youtube (Video coming soon)

    Currently the only site which can compete with youtube is Bitchute
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