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  1. GPow69

    10 years of TMS forums

    Feels good to drop by! I'm glad to see the community still alive, and some familiar names around. 10 years is a long time. I do often miss the old days, but life is busy these days; no more time for forums. Does TMS have a Discord server? Aman and I (and sometimes Panki) have kept in touch...
  2. GPow69

    10 years of TMS forums

    -ulations!! :holmes:
  3. GPow69

    9gag is cancer. Please get the fuck off the internet.
  4. GPow69

    [Progressive House] Action (3LAU Bootleg)

    Honestly this was pretty good.
  5. GPow69

    [?]Futurebound & InsideInfo - Mermaids

    Aww yeeeee.
  6. GPow69

    [Java] Insanely fast gif splash

    Browsers have a throttle on the speed of .gif frames usually :p
  7. GPow69

    [Java] Insanely fast gif splash

    How much delay was on the frames initially?
  8. GPow69

    [Java] Insanely fast gif splash

    How many times does splash() get called? Once I assume?
  9. GPow69

    Tiësto - Chasing Summers

    Well, That's pretty fucking awesome. Thanks :3
  10. GPow69

    [Chillout] Command Strange - Like This

    Awwww yeee. So chill. <3 1:17 @ dat bassline :megusta: Big thanks to Mauri for uploading! ::3:
  11. GPow69

    Odor (/b)

    How does one smell their dick from 3ft away?
  12. GPow69

    Playstation go fuck yourself

    That's cool. You know what else can make a table? Wood. And it's probably a lot sturdier and cheaper, too.
  13. GPow69

    [Hard Dance] Organ Donors - Make The Girlies Wet (Breeze & Modulate Remix)

    I'm sure a large number of you will NOT like this, but holy fucking tits I find it awesome. It's so fucking INTENSE! :love: It makes me want to go and break the speed limit or something (badass over here) :megusta:
  14. GPow69

    If you were the last man on earth, what would you do?

    I'd fap and then kill myself. Seems reasonable.
  15. GPow69

    Post Your Battlestation!

    Hey that's a really nice laptop, reminds me of mine :troll: Except my USB 3.0 sticker is on the same line as the rest, not below :(
  16. GPow69

    TMS is a p cool guy

    That's not it, sometimes the server just completely ignores requests. This happens to me frequently, and usually after hitting refresh a few times it'll come back. But the server isn't down or anything, it's just ignorant.
  17. GPow69

    Post Your Battlestation!

    Good lord I need a better camera. My phone makes it look like shit. And here's my desktop setup when I'm using that (@ even worse quality): And here's my enormous subwoofer because I'm a huge asshole and have to brag:
  18. GPow69

    Portable & Useful Computer Software

    Sublime Text 2 It's like notepad++, except better in every single way possible ever. Also check out the color schemes included, and Soda theme. Screenshot:
  19. GPow69

    Post Your Desktop!

    So. Sexy.
  20. GPow69

    Portable & Useful Computer Software

    Tiny little application to change entire sets of application icons with one click. Basically you give it an icon set and then press a button, designate where to change icons (taskbar, startmenu, everywhere, etc) and then it does it automatically. You don't have to tell it what programs are there...
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