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  1. luggi

    [HOUSE] Dimitri T Jay live on Back2tape, 2020.

    While playing of tapes makes no fucking clue and is just silly, hipster, i fucking dig this set. Love the tracks in there. Seriously in need of that track @53:30 onwards tho
  2. luggi

    [2004] Shapeshifters - Lola's Theme (Extended Vocal Mix)

    <3 this track is absolute tits
  3. luggi

    Chef Cook @ Tomorrowland

  4. luggi

    [NEW!] Camo & Krooked & Mefjus - Kallisto

    Not your usual Camo & Krooked / Mefjus sound, but what the heaven. Very technical, yet damn liquid and all together completely in harmony.
  5. luggi

    AC/DC - Hells Bells (from Live at River Plate)

    There's nothing more to say. Argentinia, what the bloody fuck. Raw energy there, fuck. yeah.
  6. luggi

    [2015] [HOUSE] Steve Murphy & Dj Octopus - Raw Escape

    yeeeeeeez. Long intros tho, might be too repetitive for some. but when that piano hits
  7. luggi

    Vienna Phil Banda - Maxglaner Reloaded

    After a hardcore dnb, crossbreed and indutrial hardcore session yesterday evening, I'm going back to my roots. For those who actually make it thru, yes, it is actually the Black Eyed Peas. (Or Miserlou by Dick Dale, ha..)
  8. luggi

    [2011] [LQ] BCee & S.P.Y. - Anybody Out There (Friction & K-Tee Remix)

    One of my favourit songs right now.
  9. luggi

    [2002] The Streets - Weak Become Heroes

  10. luggi

    [2015] Kojaque - Midnight Flower

    This guy is nuts. Found him watching this documentary in collaboration with Boiler Room, love the authenticity oh these Irish people.
  11. luggi

    [Funk, Mave said] Fkj & Tom Misch - Losing My Way

    God. damn.
  12. luggi

    Little Simz - Flowers ft. Michael Kiwanuka

    Whatever, I wil tag this properly later but damn, trust me... What a track, this Track really made my night... Whilist beeing on a finding streek i also found this one, I am near beeing complete now. Life's in the balance.
  13. luggi

    [2019] [TECHNO] Clusterflux - Arjun Vagale

    What the hell.
  14. luggi

    Boundzound - Louder

    <3 This song just deserves its own Thread.
  15. luggi

    [TECH-HOUSE/TECHNO] [LIVESET] Paul Kalkbrenner @ PM Open Air Buenos Aires x We Must [Argentina] [143:04]

    Love this set, but when he drops all those berlin calling tracks shit gets wild for me, love all the variations and the live effects mixing,..... amazing.. This was one of his stops for his "Parts of life" tour, sadly I don't really dig that album except 3 songs...
  16. luggi

    [House] Andhim - Hausch

    Mild summer nights, lovely place and familiar people, camp fires, sundowners,..... this song.
  17. luggi

    [Tech House] Cristoph - The Future (Original Mix)

    :cop::cop::cop: my kinda shit
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