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  1. Mave There's something wrong with the cat

    I love that twist at the end.
  2. Mave Safety first

  3. Mave

    Anon discovers pride skittles

    >skittles make "pride skittles" by removing the colored ones >whites only >it literally says SS on the candy you can't make this shit up
  4. Mave You shoot the gun, not throw it.

  5. Mave

    Mark Rober designs a squirrel proof bird feeder

    Did you mean to reply this to this thread?
  6. Mave

    Keemstar needs to get banned from the internet

    h3h3's response to the Gokanaru video is pretty entertaining, and Ethan clears a ton of stuff up. Watched this in its entirely while mapping earlier today.
  7. Mave

    Welcome to the TMS SA-MP server

    Finally finished a race map that took me easily +14 hours.. Now only to remove all the annoying objects (lamp posts etc) and create the actual race! We already have a great arsenal of race maps for when we launch in alpha!
  8. Mave

    General chit-chat

    Everyone tuned in?
  9. Mave

    The best vice principal ever

    Meh didn't find it that funny tbh. Perhaps you thought it was more funny since you saw this movie ages ago (nostalgia can be a big influence).
  10. Mave

    Technology: General Discussion

    Isn't airflow really really bad on those old towers?
  11. Mave

    Technology: General Discussion

    Honestly maybe just ask it on ? Those guys have the proper experience.
  12. Mave

    Technology: General Discussion

    Alright, I found the perfect PC.
  13. Mave

    General chit-chat

    The riots in Minneapolis are crazy. The entire police station of the 3rd precinct had to flee, the entire building is now on fire, gas lines have been cut,.. Not saying the riots are undeserved, but this is getting out of hand.
  14. Mave Report card

  15. Mave

    Wallpapers General - 4K Edition

  16. Mave

    Wallpapers General - 4K Edition

  17. Mave

    Wallpapers General - 4K Edition

  18. Mave

    Wallpapers General - 4K Edition

  19. Mave

    Wallpapers General - 4K Edition

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