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  1. Stybar

    [Formula 1] 14 years ago Kimi Raikkonen infamously went straight to his yacht to relax with friends instead of the team garage

    "One More Toy" Goddamn, this man is a fucking legend.
  2. Stybar

    Mark Rober designs a squirrel proof bird feeder

    So, how has you guys' quarantine been? Did any of you do anything interesting? I sure as hell didn't.
  3. Stybar Crystall ball wizard

    "I'm looking onto the ball, I can see... Hang on... Wait... I think I can- uhh, nope, wait... Gimme a sec...."
  4. Stybar

    A man is facing a $7,300 fine for wrestling with a bear at a Polish zoo and breaking COVID-19 rules by not wearing a face mask

    I mean, Russia, Poland,... When it comes to drinking Vodka, they're both insane.
  5. Stybar

    Technology: General Discussion

    It is, which is why you leave out the side, or go for watercooling.
  6. Stybar There's something wrong with the cat

    No, cats are just doofuses like that sometimes. We once had a cat that did something similar, but it still tried to catch the stream as it rolled off of his head. Of course, everything he moves, the stream moved as well, so it just turned into a neverending dance of him trying to catch the...
  7. Stybar

    General chit-chat

    It's a fucked situation, and I don't know if the modern media makes it better or worse... Without the internet, we never would've known about that fateful arrest murder, but at the same time, social media runs rampant, spreading all kinds of misinformation and hate towards those who don't...
  8. Stybar

    Technology: General Discussion

    Then the solution is simple: Sleeper PC. Find an old IBM tower from the '90s, for $20 or something, strip it to just the case, and then just pile in high-end stuff. That, or a cardboard box.
  9. Stybar

    Discussion Forza Horizon 4 - General Discussion

    Here's the full intro:
  10. Stybar Running cloud

    And now it's a enchanted cloud. As far as evolutions go, it's not too bad.
  11. Stybar Hidden bank notes in an "empty" notebook

    Ok, I've watched this several times, and I can't figure out how you only see notes when flipping back through the notebook. It's fucking dark magic, as far as I'm concerned.
  12. Stybar

    Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

    Same in Mongolia and Vietnam, by the way! All three country came down hard on this, locking down hard and early. It's almost as if following the advice given by the WHO and scientists was a good idea.
  13. Stybar Not now vacuum robot

    Yeah, you need one of these:
  14. Stybar

    Technology: General Discussion

    That's gonna be a pretty big OOF from me, dog. Hope you can find another, cheap drive.
  15. Stybar

    Quentin Tarantino and the Poetry Between the Lines

    Interesting essay. Tarentino looks and sounds like a complete maniac. But, a maniac who's an utter genius at film making.
  16. Stybar

    General chit-chat

    It's also a good idea to check underneath the bed, or underneath the toilet seat! But still, not changing the sheets is way worse.
  17. Stybar Time for a new phone

    Meh, it's just down the stairs, that's not so ba- Oh.
  18. Stybar The opposite of albino animals

    Dude, that's metal as fuck.
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