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    evolve app

    I don't normally talk out side of the minecraft section but something while great for minecraft is still belong in tech forums. so here it goes. New and easy all iin one. Replace himache and fraps for free :) It does many things but for minecraft bestone is sharing...
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    with no pvp we should bring back the website map :)

    I like the website the showed real time locations and land formations. We took it down because people could use it to raid. But raiding is no longer allowed so I would like to see it again :)
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    Update websites / not tms

    With all these changes we need to update the websites people vote on, and any other that tms is on. Last thing we need is someone to find it online a see pvp and join and raid everyones village when everyone offline to let him know. I know you can say well it be on rule wall when they join...
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    the homeppage is always blank if im logged in.

    For about a month now I thought something was wrong with the website. I get on today and I wasn't signed in and everything is normal and I was happy it fixed..... then I log in and it is all gone a again. I see nothing on the home page but the 3 tabs up top one being forum which is how I'm able...
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    Girl goes to jail for being raped....
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    Funny incident at work

    This happened a. Few months back now. I was patroling near 249 and 1960. And we get a call in from dispatch about guy on a building stealing their copper. They took the guys ladder away so open close case just have to arrest him. We get they and can't find him. Now it a larger strip center with...
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    theif gets injured and sues owner.

    A guy goes to rob a rish ladies house but everything has steal bars ecept that is the sky window in the kitchen cheiling. Deciding it a good idea he goes for it. He stomps it in and falls thru landing on the ladies island and spilling her knife set cutting him self and being impealed by the...
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    fail bank robber in houston tx

    A guy walks into a bank and get in line for a tellar when he get there he slides her a note. "I have a bomb give me all the money or everyone dies say nothing" btw he was wearing clothes and a discise probably woulda got away with it but his phone rings and as he is really a lawyer answer the...
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    stupid criminal in florida.

    Happened in 05 or 04 but was so funny I still remember it. Guy walks into store but there a lot of people so he browses around and gets a bunch of beer. Get in the end of line when it his turn the cashier immidiatly ask for ID and the guy sees the last guy not out yet so to buy time hands over...
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    the history of tms

    I was wundering what happened to tms. Yall seem like yall used to be huge and owne multiple servers. So i would like to hear the history behind tms who created, what yall done, acomplishments, and failers. All of it.
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    another long one.

    A little boy and girl are playing in a sand box. Befor leaving they get naked to remove the sand and see that each other are different. The boy go to his day and ask why. The father tells his son that it his "tricycle" and to put it in a girls "garage". The little girl runs to her mom and ask...
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    dont read this if u cant handle perverted jokes

    What do you call a girl from luissiania who can out run her 9 brothers? A virgin.
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    TeamSpeak 3

    Allows users to talk instead of typing. Usually allows for more interaction as well. I have a ts server many people already use it including satis, purple, a guy with gis?. We can make more rooms for people to talk as well. I don't have the ip on me but if y'all like the idea I can look it up.
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    los vegas

    A guy come home to find his wife paked and ready to leave. Man "where are you going?" Woman "I found out I can make 40$ for a bj in los vegas for what I give you for free." The man thinks. Then rushes up stairs and comes back down packed to. Wife " and where are you going?" Man " I would...
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    funny joke but long

    Ok so there was a farmer who had an ass (male donkey) that would never do anything so the farmer took him to town and made a booth bet. 20$ per try To anyone who can make him laugh gets the pot So a few days go by and their is a big pot and farmer is all happy when a guy walks up puts money...
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    Hello GothicDrakanas here :D

    Name - GothicDrakanas or Drake for short Age - 26 Nationality - Irish Likes/Dislikes - Rpg's, anime/ trolls, How did you hear about TMS? -Jayrad, I have refered 6 friends sence i joined and plan on more ;) FEAR MY FACTION MUWHAHAHHA
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