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    *LEAKED* Osama Bin Laden's death photos

    Well, it seems the United States government cannot hold private pictures to the public. I'm keeping the sources anonymous where I got them. I don't even know if I even have permission to hold these items. Who cares :P. Enjoy
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    Project Reality Roleplay ( | 9.5 - 9.6 |

    Introduction I don't know why I deleted this script off this forum for. I'm going to post this back up just to be a asshole. I feel this should always be released to the public. Of course I have permission shall I tell my story again, I think so. People are still debating about what really...
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    Part of the Banned Team.

    What happened was, I was being me, outgoing and what not. I decided to say a little message when someone posted a topic with the following text: I decided to speak up a little bit about this "SA:MP Blacklist" issue, I said a little message that offended Kalcor (Kye) deeply and Woet banned me...
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