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    Who like snake

    Sorry post wrong section what General for?
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    Maybe we have [youtube] tag.
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    Unban from what?
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    Who like snake

    I have pet snake found under log when get firewood. Who like snake?
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    Dad made crash with car it was extra cold out i caught on film. http://www. I use youtube not this is firend account.
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    english lessons

    I need know place I get good english lesson free on internet pls.
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    Music Style?

    I electric music only other make sick. Dad like rock but I hide CD player.
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    Hi I'm Joseph I dont speak english good. I born in russia dad teach me how to hunt i make food with hunt. It cold here have to keep heat incase bad cold hapen. I love themavesite it where i spend all free time. Good to know all.
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