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    Welcome to the TMS SA-MP server

    Scripting progress will keep being slow for the next couple of weeks as I am still in my finals period. Any bugs encountered and reported will still be fixed as soon as time allows, though, so please let me know of anything game-breaking if it exists :smile3:
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    Welcome to the TMS SA-MP server

    Thanks for finally making the board public, Mave; now we can broaden our list of testers :biggrin: Please report any map-related bug to Mave and anything else directly to me for now. We are in a very early phase of the gamemode and there are certainly many issues, we will try to address them as...
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    Historic Anecdotes

    I'll hijack your thread for this one post, Stybar! Very infamous, however little known in the Balkans is the Battle of Karánsebes/Caransebeș, which happened in Austrian Transylvania during the Austro-Ottoman War in the 18th century. An army of 100.000 was moving from Austrian territories...
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    Hello TMS

    Hello TMS, I have been a member here previously and you might deduce my former identity from my nickname. This is definitely not my first account and I apologize for that; I wanted to some degree to be received as who am I today, not who I was five or ten years ago :smile3: My name is Silviu...
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    Hidden keylogger found on 460 different models of HP laptops

    There's an Intel Management Engine hidden on every single device with an Intel processor newer than the Core Duo and yet nobody talks about that.
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    Mankini-wearing 'Borat' tourists arrested in Kazakhstan

    Should've gone to Romania, that's where the first sequences of Borat were filmed. That does sound like quite a lot... ... or maybe not. That's quite forgiving, they got off almost scot-free. I'm sorry for the residents of Astana, to be honest.
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    We need a youtube competitor

    Unfortunately, in some circles it has become almost required to have a Facebook account. I'd love to get rid of mine but my uni colleagues use a Facebook group to share materials and so do professors on another group to share announcements and whatnot. It's sad because Facebook was originally...
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    Google Drive vs Dropbox vs Onedrive: which one to use?

    I'm a sucker for Google Drive but it is mostly because of its tight integration with Google services, because I use them all: Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail, Android, Chrome etc. If that is a thing that has ever been of relevance to you, go ahead with Google Drive. You're going to use it...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    I'm a fan of I The Mighty. They might be a post-hardcore band but it feels like they put quite a bit of feeling into their songs. What is more, they love mixing their older music into new genres. Here's a sample of a post-hardcore song turned into jazz:
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    Post Your Desktop!

    Used Debian unstable as a daily driver, had to switch to Windows 10 because of uni requirements. At the very least, it is tidy... :tongue:
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    General SA-MP talk

    The hype is real, mate. Give us those juicy, juicy maps.
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