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    Korn - Rotting In Vain

    from the fathers of nu is-it-metal-or-is-it-not comes a new single, heavier than the entire previous album imho:
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    Court rules that 9/11 families can now sue Saudi Arabia

    I don't believe Saudi Arabia would actually grant them anything.
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    [App] GTA San Andreas

    I tried to run GTA III on my rather destroyed S1 and it lagged like hell. I'm afraid that if I try San Andreas, the poor thing will explode in my face.
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    Which movies have the best soundtracks?

    Not exactly the best soundtrack ever, but I say Borat. The "Romanian gypsy disco" (I think there was even a video from VICE about gypsy discos? oi, oi) tone makes me feel so... giddy.
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    60 000 posts

    60666 atm, such an.. evil number.
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    Some Google lifehacks

    So cool! I only knew about the quotes.
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    Untouched Microsoft game website from 15 years ago

    I saw this thread when it was posted and I went looking for the link again. The page is dead. So much for having relics of the 90s Web.
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    Half Life 2 looks amazing with mods.

    Honestly, I agree with Impulse. IMHO, all that bloom does nothing but enhance the feeling of... knowing that you're playing a bloody game. It would be annoying if you'd have that in real life.
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    The Witcher 3: Chav edition

    u wot m8/10
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    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Mobile Coming this December

    Will my old, adopted, abused Galaxy S1 be able to handle this? I don't think it will, but I hope so, for the sake of not going insane in all the time I spend on the bus everyday.
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    General Gaming Discussion Thread

    I try my hardest not to take more than one look at the list of sales. That "one look" becomes a dozen hundred thousand and the strongest need for a game I probably wouldn't actually play. The magic of Gaben is compelling and repelling at the same time. It's like the force of a large household...
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    Happy birthday Madalin/TheBetaFox !

    Greetings, you awesome people. Sorry for being so late, been busy with all sorts of stuff for school. Late happy birthday to me! I still haven't celebrated it in anyway, so perhaps we can do something online? Haha. Thank you all for everything. You're awesome people. I said that before, but I...
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    World's first Bitcoin ATM goes live in Vancouver next week

    Great idea, but wouldn't there be a hefty tax on conversion?
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    Australia to Ban Tanning Beds

    I think this is a quite good decision! I do foresee some considerable amounts of angry people, though.
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    Judge sentences teen to 10 years of church

    Where's the secularity?
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    China swaps pandas for uranium in trade deals

    The Chinese are smarter than I thought. Have to get to learn Mandarin someday.
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    NSA monitored calls of 35 world leaders after US official handed over contacts

    I'm so glad that nobody cares about my country other than the United Kingdom. The only people who would ever spy on our stupid president and his cabinet would be the glorious members of the UKIP!
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    Young People in Japan Have Given Up on Sex

    I am.
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