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    Collection The "Cars you'd like to &ù$#" Thread

    That Lambo is too old for my taste :|
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    Hello Newcommer Here......

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    Contact Juggling

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    Collection The "Rooms/Houses you'd kill for" Thread

    Some of these are amazing, I'd indeed kill for a penthouse like above.
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    Dunk of the Year

    Well shit.
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    What do you hate most in video games?

    12 year olds on voice chat.
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    What's your favorite meal?

    Steak for sure.
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    ..Shit ..OK.

    Well... you're fucked.
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    What the f*ck parrot

    I want a parrot.
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    'Animals talking rap lyrics' wallpapers

    Saved them all.
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    Collection Quality Gifs | Cinemagraphs Thread

    Re: Quality/Cinematography Gifs Thread These are all awesome. I have nothing to contribute though.
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    Collection The "Cars you'd like to &ù$#" Thread

    Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder
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    Hamplanet visits Costco [/b]

    This could very well be real.
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    North Korean propaganda video shows President Obama and US troops in flames

    I love their editing skills.
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    Deep Inside: A Study of 10,000 Porn Stars

    I second this.
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    Spiderman Kissing Prank

    I need to get myself a spiderman suit and a rope.
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    Russian army sing Sponge Bob theme

    At first I thought that a few guys from the army were just messing around, then it shows the next group of soldiers singing it, and the next, and.. Are you for real Russia?
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    Cat vs. DVD Drive

    A bad combination is seems.
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